For business owners looking forward to increase more channels to sell their products and/or services , there is some good news! Facebook recently announced opening of ‘Shop Section’ on brand pages and we are going to show how to add it for more sale conversions?

Get Started to Add Product Pages on Facebook
Get Started to Add Product Pages on Facebook
Step 2: Go to your Facebook Brand Page and accept 'Merchant Terms and Policies'
Step 2: Go to your Facebook Brand Page and accept ‘Merchant Terms and Policies’

As a next step, you have to decide which platform you would like your customers to perform transaction on – your ecommerce portal or directly on Facebook?

There is no direct answer for this question, much depends upon type of customer segment you are catering to  and also how robust your ecommerce platform is to handle monetary transactions.

If you are new to selling, it’s always good to rely on Facebook but remember – even though Facebook directly doesn’t charge for transactions, it relies on payment processing company called ‘Stripe’ which charges 2.9% of the price of the product + 30 cents per successful charge.
Keep on lookout for Facebook policies, though, it might change any time in future and hence you might want to visit their help center time to time, just in case!

Once you have added short description about your product, add name, price and a short description about the product. You may also want to ‘feature this product’ and also ‘share the product’ on the page.

Google campaign-builder

Please make sure you add the correct URL of your ecommerce portal check out page. For additional attribution, you may want to use Google’s URL builder*, as show in the image below.
*The URL builder helps you add parameters to URLs you use in custom web-based or email ad campaigns. A custom campaign is any ad campaign not using the AdWords auto-tagging feature. When users click one of the custom links, the unique parameters are sent to your Analytics account, so you can identify the URLs that are most effective in attracting users to your content.

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