Step1: Login to your Google Adwords account.

Step2: Click on tools tab
tools>> conversions>> +conversion to create first conversion and save.


Step3: Now open your saved conversion and grab the code by clicking on code tab.

Step4: Choose "I make changes to the code" now copy the code below and paste the
code between tags in the page you would like to track.

convertion code

Step 5: After adding the code Remove the red lines and add the "https:" before the link in your code for ex:

adwords-conversion-tracking-html-code 1

Step 6: Now go to chrome browser>extensions> enable Tag Assistant(by Google)


Step 7: Once you enable Tag Assistant it will show its symbol on top right side of URL bar.


Step 8: That’s it now you can validate your website!!!


Step 9: What if Tag Assistant symbol shows red ????
It means there are some errors in your website..following are two steps which tell's you Where you have gone wrong…..



That’s it all done!!! Now your website is ready with all improvements….

Thank you for your precious time for the review.. Visit Again!!!