What are Email Marketing Best Practices to have higher open/click rate and conversions?

1) Make your emails contextual

1a) Personalize

Contextual emails are personalized to your customers and prospects. You as a marketer accomplish contextualization by sending emails based on the unique qualities of your customers and prospects such as geography, demographics and other attributes. With contextual emails, customers receive the right email at the right time.

1b) Segment

To create contextual email that drives conversions, you must craft emails that makes your prospects feel “exclusive”. One easy way to do this is by creating segment of your email subscribers. When you segment your email lists, you send different emails to subscribers based on their varying stages of path to purchase and/or interests.

2) Make your emails responsive

2a) Make it Responsive

By using responsive email templates instead of mobile friendly emails, your customers will respond favorably to the CTAs when accessed on device(s) that it is read on viz. mobile, tablet or desktop or any hybrid devices.

2b) Not only Mobile Friendly

Remember Responsive emails are not same as mobile friendly emails. Responsive emails respond to different devices by converting text size and layout while mobile friendly emails (with smaller texts) appear the same on every device !